Assistance is provided upon request from the greeters located at each gate or by visiting the Guest Services Booth.


The Accessible Drop-off area is outside FITTEAM Ballpark Main Office, which is located on Haverhill Road side of The Ballpark. For questions about drop-off locations, please contact FITTEAM Ballpark Main Office at 561.500.HITS (4487)


Accessible ramps to the 3rd Base Plaza Gate are located at each end of the west concourse walkway. Ramps are accessible from Astros and Nationals Spring Training Gate entrances.


Approximately three hundred (300) accessible parking spaces are available from the Haverhill Road entrance in the north and south team parking lots.


Wheelchair accessible seating is located in the following sections: 100, 102, 105, 108, 110, 113, 118, and Field Box Level. Please notify FITTEAM Ballpark Ticket Office at 561.500.HITS (4487) or upon purchase of tickets if wheelchair accessible seating is desired.


Fans can purchase tickets to upcoming games in several ways:

      (a) On the phone by dialing 877.935.5668. Most major credit cards are accepted,

      (b) Through the internet by logging on at www.BallparkPalmBeaches.com

      (c) At FITTEAM Ballpark of the Balm Beaches: Main Plaza Ticket Office and Downstairs Ticket Office

     (d) On game days at The Advance Sales Ticket Window located inside the stadium near the Main Gate  This window will open on game days at 11:00 a.m.


FITTEAM Ballpark address is

5444 Haverhill Road N. West Palm Beach, Florida 33407

The Houston Astros address at FITTEAM Ballpark is

5454 Haverhill Road N. West Palm Beach, Florida 33407


The Washington Nationals address at FITTEAM Ballpark is

5400 Haverhill Road N. West Palm Beach, Florida 33407


Children ages two and under who occupy the lap of an adult do not need a game ticket. Children who have reached their third birthday must have a valid game ticket to gain entrance to FITTEAM Ballpark and are permitted seating access only in their ticketed location.


No alcoholic beverages may be brought through the gates of The Ballpark. Florida law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21. Sale of alcohol at FITTEAM Ballpark concession stands is not permitted after the seventh inning (sales may be cut off earlier at the discretion of the facility). Additionally, guests may not take any alcoholic beverages out of The Ballpark.


Located in the Team Store and at the VIP Tower, there are two ATM's located at The Ballpark. 


Guests are allowed to seek autographs from players along the railing between Sections 100-102 and 116-123 up to 40 minutes prior to game time, or until the end of batting practice, whichever comes first. Please be considerate by not inconveniencing guests seated in these areas. Players and field staff do not sign autographs during the game as Major League baseball rules prohibit such activity.



Baby changing tables are available throughout FITTEAM Ballpark in every family restroom facility.


FITTEAM Ballpark regulations allow only soft-sided bags and containers 16″x16″x8″ or smaller inside The Ballpark. All permitted bags are subject to search both upon entry and within FITTEAM Ballpark. All gates utilize “Bag Check Lanes” for guests carrying permitted bags. Regulations also prohibit guests from bringing certain items into FITTEAM Ballpark.


There are two Ballpark directories located throughout The Ballpark. One is located inside the main gate and the other is located on the concourse behind home plate. FITTEAM Ballpark directories will provide fans with important Ballpark information.


FITTEAM Ballpark requests, for your safety and other guests, that you do not step,  stand or use seats in a manner other than intended.


Banners and signs are not permitted inside The Ballpark.


Baseball bats may not be brought into The Ballpark. 


The Batter’s Eye is the large green wall located in straight-away center field. It enables batters to clearly see pitched balls, free from any visual distractions that may be present in seating areas.


The following Batting Practice schedule will be in place for the Home Games.

     Home Team BP* to start at 10:10 a.m. for 1:05 p.m. game times

     Home Team BP to start at 3:10 p.m. for 6:05 p.m. game times

     Visiting Team BP to start at 11:10 a.m. for 1:05 p.m. game times

     Visiting Team BP to start at 4:10 p.m. for 6:05 p.m. game times

For all other game times expect Batting Practice to start 2 hours and 25 minutes before the scheduled game time.

*The Houston Astros will take Home Team BP on Practice Field 1 or 2 at approximately 11:10am.



Beach balls and other inflatable items are prohibited in The Ballpark.


Bike parking areas are conveniently located in three areas throughout the grounds of The Ballpark:

     (a) On the north side of the facility adjacent to the Astros Major League replica fields

     (b) On the south side of the facility adjacent to the Nationals Major League replica fields

     (c) On the west side of the facility just off the 3rd Base Main Plaza Gate


To schedule a birthday party, please call 561.500.HITS (4487).


No one is permitted to enter FITTEAM Ballpark with metal, plastic, or glass containers of any kind (except for clear, factory-sealed or empty plastic water bottles no larger than 20 ounces, juice boxes, insulin containers and baby food).  Only one 20-ounce water bottle per person will be permitted.


For more information, please call 561.500.HITS (4487)


Brooms, poles and staffs of any kind are not permitted inside The Ballpark. 



Guests are permitted to bring cameras and video equipment into The Ballpark, provided that they are for personal use only. Cameras with a lens longer than eight (8) inches may not be brought into The Ballpark, except by credentialed media. Filming of any game footage is strictly prohibited by Major League Baseball. While taking photographs, guests are not permitted to stand in the aisles, portals or walkways, or to obstruct others from viewing the game. Please make sure you are courteous of those around you when taking pictures.  Monopods, tripods and selfie sticks are not permitted in The Ballpark.


Use of cellular phones is permitted, providing their use does not interfere with another guest’s ability to enjoy the atmosphere of The Ballpark. FITTEAM Ballpark reserves the right to ask any guest to discontinue use of a cell phone in or adjacent to any seating area.


Chairs, folding chairs and stools are not allowed to be brought in for use at the Banana Boat Lawn or other areas.  Blankets or beach towels are encouraged.


The use of any tobacco products (including, without limitation, cigarettes and smokeless tobacco) is strictly prohibited inside The Ballpark.


Unless authorized in writing by FITTEAM Ballpark Management staff, the following commercial activities are expressly prohibited inside FITTEAM Ballpark Complex and all areas under The Ballpark’s control or its agent(s)' control that require a ticket for entry:

  (a) Distribution of leaflets or other printed material

  (b) Distribution of products or performing of services, whether for a consideration or free;

  (c) Taking surveys or otherwise interfering with the free movement of guests.


The follow is a list of concession areas within The Ballpark:

      (a) H-Town Bar & Grille (Behind Section 114),

      (b) Capitol Hill Grill (Behind Section 104),

      (c) West Palm Beach Grill (Behind the Centerfield berm)

      (d) Beaches Ice Cream Café (Behind Section 109)

      (e) The District Taproom (Behind Section 110)

      (f) Budweiser Sand Bar (Left Field Concourse)

      (g) Portable stands are located throughout the concourse


Premium suites at The Ballpark provide an opportunity for guests to enjoy a private space for up to 15 people. Located on the Upper level, suites provide great views of stadium and practice field areas. Amenities include: air conditioning, flat panel TVs, private suite level restrooms, refrigerators, and an option for food and beverage service.


Costumes/masks are not allowed at The Ballpark. Management reserves the right to refuse entry and refund the ticket price of an individual in a costume/mask.


VISA, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard are accepted at FITTEAM Ballpark Box Offices, Team Store, and Concession Stands.



FITTEAM Ballpark want all fans to enjoy the ballgame and have a safe trip home. We therefore encourage you to use our Designated Driver Program. Prior to the fourth inning of the ballgame, guests who are able to produce a valid driver’s license and are at least 21 years of age are eligible to become “Designated Drivers” for the evening. In return for signing a pledge not to drink alcoholic beverages during the game and for accepting responsibility for driving other members of their group home, Designated Drivers will receive a free fountain soft drink during the game. The Ballpark Designated Driver signup locations will be available at Guest Services.


From I-95 North:

Exit I-95 onto 45th Street. Proceed west, turning left onto Haverhill Road. On game days, all vehicles may park in one of two grass parking areas (See Parking). Proceed towards the stadium for Accessible Parking or drop-off.  The North entrance on Haverhill Road will be right-out only. (See Parking Map)

From I-95 South:

Drivers may exit I-95 from Okeechobee Blvd or 45th Street Exits.  Using Okeechobee Blvd, proceed west and turn right onto Haverhill Road. Using 45th Street, proceed west and turn left onto Haverhill Road. On game days, all vehicles may park in one of two grass parking areas (See Parking). Proceed towards the stadium for Accessible Parking or drop-off.  The North entrance on Haverhill Road will be right-out only. (See Parking Map)

From Florida’s Turnpike:

Exit Florida’s Turnpike to Okeechobee Blvd. Proceed east to Haverhill Road, turning left onto Haverhill Road. On game days, all vehicles may park in a one of two grass parking areas (See Parking). Proceed towards the stadium for Accessible Parking or drop-off.  The North entrance on Haverhill Road will be right-out only. (See Parking Map)


Drinking fountains are located near the main bathrooms on the 1st Base Line and 3rd Base Line concourses, and Left Field concourse.


Drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles are prohibited in and around FITTEAM Ballpark.



A fan elevator is located at the handicap entrance. This elevator can access the concourse and Suite level areas. Elevator access to the Field Box Level is located on the concourse level on the 1st Base side. You must have a Field Level Box ticket to access this elevator.


In the event of an emergency, please follow the directions from any FITTEAM Ballpark representative, Public Address Announcer, West Palm Beach Police Department Officer, or West Palm Beach Fire Department Officer. If an emergency requires evacuation from The Ballpark, directions will be given over the public address system and the video board.


FITTEAM Ballpark hires enthusiastic and outgoing people who are interested in sharing in the excitement of Grapefruit League Spring Training and outside events at FITTEAM Ballpark year round. To complete an application, please visit www.ballparkpalmbeaches.com or send an email to jobs@BallparkPalmBeaches.com. 


For more information please call 561.500.HITS (4487)


For your safety, FITTEAM Ballpark and MLB require that all persons entering FITTEAM Ballpark walk through a metal detector. This includes a thorough inspection of any jackets, coats, packages, bags, purses, and other containers brought to the entry gates. In addition, all guests will be screened through magnetometers prior to entry.


We are unable to offer ticket refunds or exchanges.


Following the game, guests are asked to leave FITTEAM Ballpark through designated exits. There is no re-entry to FITTEAM Ballpark.


Subject to applicable law, members of the public who so desire will be permitted to parade with placards and signs, distribute literature, or engage strangers who wish to be so engaged, provided that such activities occur outside all ticketed areas of The Ballpark. All such activities are subject to each of the following conditions:

      (a) Expressive activity may not cause a public safety concern.

      (b) Expressive activity may not disrupt the free flow of

            automotive traffic or pedestrian traffic in or to all areas that

            require a ticket for entrance, box offices, business offices,

            and retail areas, as well as areas which provide access to box offices, business offices,

            and retail areas

      (c) Commercial activities, including but not limited to vending

            and the sale of goods or distribution of goods free of

           charge, are not permitted.



Family restrooms are conveniently located adjacent to every main restroom throughout FITTEAM Ballpark. These single-stall private bathrooms with baby changing tables offer seclusion for nursing mothers.


Fans are prohibited from touching, attempting to touch or interfering with a ball in play or a player during a game.


No weapons are allowed on FITTEAM Ballpark premises. This includes firearms of any kind and pocket knives without limitation.


First aid is located on the 3rd Base Concourse behind the Picnic Area. If medical attention is needed notice the nearest FITTEAM Ballpark representative.


Baby food is the only outside food permitted in FITTEAM Ballpark. No other outside food is allowed in FITTEAM Ballpark.


Fans are permitted to keep foul balls and home runs hit into occupied seating areas as souvenirs; however, fans must not enter the playing area to retrieve balls or otherwise interfere with balls still in play. All fans, especially those sitting along the foul lines in the dugout and field box seats, are cautioned to stay alert for hard-hit foul balls or bats that might leave the field of play. Ticket holders assume all risks and danger incidental to the game of baseball,  whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the actual playing of the game. FITTEAM Ballpark cannot be held responsible for the conduct of other guests when attempting to obtain a foul or home run ball.



Unless otherwise announced, home games begin at 1:05pm. Fans are encouraged to call 561.500.HITS (4487) or visit www.BallparkPalmBeaches.com for the latest information and news.


There are four designated gates at The Ballpark. Their locations are as follows:

      (a) 3rd Base Plaza Gate – West side of facility located next to

            concourse ticket windows

      (b) 3rd Base VIP Elevator Gate - West side of facility located in

            Elevator Tower

      (c) EXIT ONLY Home Plate Gate – Southwest side of facility

            located just past the Nationals pedestrian bridge

      (d) EXIT ONLY Left Field Gate – Northwest side of the facility

            located just past the Astros pedestrian bridge


Guests are encouraged to come early and watch batting practice, infield workouts, and pregame ceremonies. All gates will open for all games, Monday-Sunday, 2 hours prior to game time. These times are subject to change.


General Admission grants you entrance to the Banana Boat Lawn but is not a reserved seat. Guests are allowed to sit in either the Left or Right Field area of the Lawn. No lawn or folding chairs are permitted on grass lawn. You are welcome to bring blankets and/or towels.


If you have a group of 15 or more and would like to attend a game at FITTEAM Ballpark, please call 561.500.HITS (4487). Please ask about special group areas and available food & beverage options exclusively available to group buyers.


The Ballpark is committed to providing a safe environment for all of our guests. We ask that if any guest is aware of any potentially unsafe situation to please notify the nearest Ballpark representative or stop by the Guest Services Booth located behind the Picnic Patio located on the 3rd Base Concourse. Your eyes and ears can help to keep FITTEAM Ballpark a safe family environment.


Guest Services is located behind the Picnic Area on the 3rd Base Concourse. This service center operates from the time the gates open until 15 minutes after the conclusion of the game. Guests may obtain information, offer suggestions, voice concerns, and request assistance from a FITTEAM Ballpark Guest Services representative.



FITTEAM Ballpark is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable Ballpark experience.



Following every Sunday game, kids ages 4-12 have the opportunity to run the bases at no cost. To participate, kids can line up between Sections 121 & 122 following the game. Entrance to the field will be through the Field Box Level.  Kids will exit the field into Section 113.



Laser pointers and laser pen are prohibited inside of FITTEAM Ballpark.


The lineup board, presented by Florida Atlantic University MBA Sport Management Program, is located on the wall across from the team store location.


FITTEAM Ballpark cannot be responsible for recovery, storage, safekeeping, preservation, or return of any lost or found item. With that understanding, any item that has been lost or found during a game should be reported to the Guest Services Booth located behind the Picnic Area on the 3rd Base Concourse. Found items are secured in storage after each game. If an item was lost at a previous game, it will not be obtainable without prior arrangements. Please call The Ballpark Main Office at 561.500.HITS (4487) to report a lost item. Leave a detailed description of the item, the date and location it was lost, and your name and phone number. If your item was turned in, you will be called as soon as possible. Your name will remain on file in case the item is turned in at a later time. Items are held for 30 days.


Every child should be told to contact a FITTEAM Ballpark representative should he or she become lost. Lost adults should follow the same procedure. A lost guest will be taken to the Guest Services Booth located behind the Picnic Area on the 3rd Base Concourse. Parents are encouraged to place ticket stubs in children’s pockets in case of separation.


For lost and stolen tickets, ticket will only be reissued at FITTEAM Ballpark’s discretion to the holder of record, or with the requested written permission and copy of a photo ID from the holder of record at least 24 hours prior to game time. Patrons must present a photo ID and the credit card used for purchase. Please remember that game tickets are valuable and should be secured like cash, such as, cash transactions cannot be reissued. Tickets purchased online, but not through Tickets.com, are not the responsibility of FITTEAM Ballpark.



FITTEAM Ballpark is managed by HW Spring Training Complex, LLC. a partnership between the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals.


Fans interested in organizing a marriage proposal should call 561.500.HITS (4487)


The Ballpark Team Store is located next to the 3rd Base Plaza Gate with full merchandise selections of the Houston Astros, the Washington Nationals, and FITTEAM Ballpark. A limited selection of merchandise is available at portable kiosks behind the Banana Boat Lawn and on the 1st Base Concourse.


The Ballpark encourages all guests to use courtesy when moving around seating areas. When returning to your seats, please wait for a break in the action (between innings, between batters, pitching changes, etc.) before entering the aisles. We thank you for your cooperation.




Guests interested in performing the National Anthem before a home spring training game at FITTEAM Ballpark should email audio or video to Info@BallparkPalmBeaches.com.


Musical instruments and any type of noise-making devices not provided by FITTEAM Ballpark.



Per Major League Baseball rules, only authorized personnel will be permitted on the field before, during, or after a game. Any unauthorized person going onto the field will be removed from FITTEAM Ballpark and subject to arrest.



Except in cases that are deemed by FITTEAM Ballpark to be life-threatening emergencies paging is not permitted. If you need paging, please contact the Guest Services Booth located behind the Picnic Area on the 3rd Base Concourse. If you are not at The Ballpark and need to contact a guest regarding a life-threatening emergency, please call 561.500.HITS (4487).


There are more than 3,200 parking spaces on-site at FITTEAM Ballpark. Day of game parking is available in all lots for $10.00. RV and bus parking is available for $25.00. FITTEAM Ballpark parking lots will open on game days at 9:00 a.m. Entrances to the onsite parking can be found near the Haverhill Road and 45th Street corner and Military Trail and 45th Street corner.


The MD Anderson Cancer Center Shade Deck and Budweiser 1st Base Deck are located on the Suite Level.  Guests must have a ticket and wristband to enter into these areas.  To book a party event for a Spring Training or non-Spring Training event please call 561.500.HITS (4487) or go to www.ballparkpalmbeaches.com/party-decks


Animals, except for trained dogs or service animals assisting visitors with disabilities, are notpermitted on The Ballpark property.


For the safety and convenience of FITTEAM Ballpark guests, police and official security personnel are stationed throughout The Ballpark. In the event of an emergency, guests should notify the nearest Guests Services representative.


Private parties, meetings, receptions, or special-theme events may be booked at FITTEAM Ballpark throughout the year. Most areas of FITTEAM Ballpark are available for rental including Suites, Team Store location, and concourse areas. For information, please call 561.500.HITS (4487) or email Info@BallparkPalmBeaches.com.


Programs will be available for purchase on every game day for $5 at stands located at entrance gates throughout The Ballpark. Enjoy reading information on FITTEAM Ballpark, Palm Beach County, City of West Palm Beach, Houston Astros, and Washington Nationals.


Each guest eligible to receive a promotional item must have a valid game day ticket and pass through the turnstile to receive the item. Promotional items are distributed one per person, not per ticket.


The following items are expressly prohibited inside ticketed areas:
• Metal, plastic or glass containers of any kind (except for clear, factory-sealed or empty plastic water bottles no larger than 20 ounces, juice boxes, insulin containers and baby food). Only one 20- ounce water bottle per person will be permitted.
• Hard coolers or ice chests
• Backpacks and bags that exceed 16"x16"x8"
• Non-collapsible umbrellas that will not fit in a backpack or bag of the maximum allowed size
• Brooms, poles and staffs of any kind
• Weapons (including, without limitation, pocket knives), fireworks and other illegal substances
• Camera lenses in excess of eight inches, tripods, monopods and selfie sticks
• Animals (except service animals)
• Beach balls and other inflatable items
• Laser pens and laser pointers
• Baseball bats (other than bats purchased at FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches Complex)
• Alcohol not purchased at FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches Complex
• Noisemakers
• Skateboards, hoverboards, and wheeled footwear
• Drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles
• Banners or signs
• Any other item deemed dangerous or inappropriate or otherwise violating the Guest Conduct Policy
Violators of any state or local laws will be refused admission, asked to leave or ejected from the ticketed areas.



Hand-held radios are welcome at FITTEAM Ballpark as long as they do not interfere with other guests’ enjoyment of the game. Please be considerate by using a low volume or earphones. FITTEAM Ballpark staff reserves the right to ask any guest to discontinue the use of such devices.


In the event that a Washington Nationals or Houston Astros home game is postponed and will be made up during the current Spring Training season, ticket holders may attend the rescheduled game by using their originally issued tickets. In the event a ticket holder cannot attend the rescheduled game, they may exchange their tickets only at FITTEAM Ballpark Box Office, during regular business hours for any other 2018 Spring Training home game (same price level, same home team), subject to blackout dates, current pricing, and availability of the game of their choice.

In the event that the final Washington Nationals or Houston Astros home game is not played for either team or a Spring Training game is cancelled and no make up date is scheduled, the following policy will apply.

      (a) Season Ticket holders with a ticket to the game will receive a credit on their account for the 2019 Spring Training Season and this credit will be applied to the account directly based on the value of tickets the plan holder has for the game.

      (b) Individual ticket purchasers that purchased their tickets online at Tickets.com or over the phone at 877.935.5668 will automatically receive a refund. Tickets purchased at FITTEAM Ballpark Box Office and paid with a credit card must be brought to the Box Office or mailed to 5444 Haverhill Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33407 for processing of your refund. Any ticket purchasers that paid with a check or cash should mail their tickets to the same address to receive a refund. These funds can only be requested by the original ticket purchaser.

Complimentary Tickets: Complimentary tickets or equivalent tickets will be cancelled and are not valid for the make-up game and may not be rain checked for any other 2018 Spring Training game.

Group Tickets: Group Tickets are subject to the same policies as described above, subject to availability

Luxury Suites and Party Decks: Please contact the FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches for more information.

StubHub/Secondary Market Ticket Purchases: For tickets purchased via StubHub or another reseller, please refer to the help section of the site from which you purchased your tickets for details pertaining to postponed, rescheduled or cancelled events. FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches is not responsible for and will not provide any refunds or exchanges of any ticket purchased via StubHub or any other secondary market reseller. Any questions regarding tickets purchased via StubHub for a postponed, rescheduled or cancelled event should be directed to StubHub Customer Service at customerservice@stubhub.com.

Should you have any questions, please contact the ticket office for more details on what is and is not an official rainout and the correct policy for your game.


The right to postpone the playing of a game shall be vested in the home club. Once a game has started, the Umpire Crew Chief shall have sole right to determine whether the game shall be terminated because of bad weather or unfit playing conditions. Under the provisions of the Official Playing Rules, the Umpire Crew Chief shall have the sole and unquestioned authority to determine whether and when play shall be halted during a game; whether and when play shall be resumed; and whether and when a game shall be terminated because of bad weather or unfit playing conditions. The Official Playing Rules provide that when a game is temporarily suspended for rain, the chief of the umpire crew must wait 30 minutes before calling the game. The umpire may continue the suspension of the game as long as he believes there is any chance to resume play, attempting at all times to complete the game.


Recycling will help keep FITTEAM Ballpark clean and green. Please pitch in! Here’s how: To make recycling convenient for baseball fans, blue recycling containers are located throughout The Ballpark including concourses, concession areas, and restrooms as well as the parking lot areas. Recyclable materials, including paper products or plastic cans/bottles, are to be placed in one of two dual stream containers. Remember to look for the recycling symbol on containers to ensure that recyclables are not going into trash cans and ultimately the Community’s waste stream.


Guests may not exit and re-enter FITTEAM Ballpark using the same ticket or card.


We are unable to offer refunds or exchanges for game tickets.


All restrooms at FITTEAM Ballpark are available and are accessible to guests with disabilities. The following is a list of restroom locations on the main concourse behind the corresponding section:

      (a) Men’s & Women’s – 104, 108, 113, Left Field Berm

      (b) Family (All include diaper changing stations) – 104, 108, Left Field Berm




The resale of game tickets is strictly prohibited on FITTEAM Ballpark property. Any persons caught doing so shall be brought to the attention of the proper authorities.


The Ballpark offers a variety of packages for guests interested in the benefits of being a season ticket holder. For more information, call 561.500.HITS (4487) or visit www.ballparkpalmbeaches.com


Animals are not permitted within The Ballpark with the exception of service animals for guests with disabilities. Guests with a service animal are asked to enter through the 3rd Base Plaza Gate. Service Animals may relieve themselves in the grass area directly outside of the 3rd Base Plaza Gate.


Skateboards, hoverboards, and wheeled footwear are prohibited in The Ballpark. 


FITTEAM Ballpark is a completely non-smoking complex (including, without limitation, electronic cigarettes/vaping). Guests also may not use any tobacco products (including, without limitation, cigarettes and

smokeless tobacco) inside FITTEAM Ballpark.


Guests can like FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches on Facebook, follow on Twitter and Instagram @BPPalmBeaches, and connect by using the #BallparkPalmBeaches. Guests can follow official clubs @Nationals and @astrosbaseball. 


Numerous merchandise outlets are available throughout FITTEAM Ballpark. The FITTEAM Ballpark Team Store is located by the 3rd Base Plaza Entrance. In addition, portable stands are located behind the Banana Boat Lawn and on the 1st Base Concourse.


Strollers are allowed inside FITTEAM Ballpark. However, strollers may not be stored in anyseating area and may not be used to occupy handicap seating or Banana Boat Lawn seating. After entering FITTEAM Ballpark, fans should visit Guest Services to ask for assistance with storing a stroller.


There are six suites available each game for rental or purchase.  Each features a private balcony, food & drink rail, 60" TV and suite server.  Rentals include 15 tickets, with the ability to purchase additional tickets up to 33.


Banana Boat Sunscreen is available for purchase in the Team Store located by the 3rd Base Plaza Gate.



A fan needing a taxi should see Guest Services for assistance.


Tailgating is not permitted at the parking lots operated by The Ballpark. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited inside all vehicles as well as in all areas of the parking lots.


The Team Store is located to the left of Guest Services, along the 3rd base side of The Ballpark. During the season, the hours are 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays. It will also remain open through all home baseball gamesuntil 30 minutes after the final out. On Sunday game days, the team store opens at 9:00 a.m. The Team Store will close to outside The Ballpark traffic when the gates open. The team store hours are 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday in the off-season


FITTEAM Ballpark Main Office is located below the concourse level just south of the 3rd Base Plaza Gate on the west side of the stadium.


Spectators of baseball activities are presumed to have knowledge of and to assume the inherent risks of observing baseball activities. These assumed risks include, but are not limited to

      (a) injuries which result from being struck by a baseball, baseball bat or fragments thereof, equipment or pieces thereof, or thrown, dropped or launched items projectiles, and similar hazards; and

      (b) other hazards or distractions, including spectator conduct, and incidents or accidents associated with groups or crowds of people. Additional details provided in Ordinance number SRO.374.2011.




      DAY GAMES 9:00 a.m.- End of game            

      NIGHT GAMES 9:00 a.m. – End of game


      DAY GAMES 9:00 a.m.- 5th Inning      

      NIGHT GAMES 3:00 p.m. – 5th Inning


Main Plaza Ticket Office

      Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

      Saturday: 10:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. (January - March)

      Closed Sundays and holidays


      Closed on Non Gamedays

You can also purchase tickets over the phone at 877.935.5668

Tickets purchased by phone will incur an additional charge of $4.00 per transaction.


FITTEAM Ballpark has the ability to host high school, amateur, and men’s league baseball tournaments throughout each year. All tournaments have the opportunity to play on the same field used by the MLB players during Spring Training (based upon availability and time of year). For more information about hosting your tournament at FITTEAM Ballpark, please request information by phone at 561.500.HITS (4487) or by email at Info@BallparkPalmBeaches.com.


Tours of FITTEAM Ballpark are available all year long. To inquire about tour contact the main office at 561.500.HITS (4487)


If towing assistance is needed, please contact the main office at 561.500.HITS (4487)



Small, collapsible umbrellas that fit into a backpack or bag of the maximum allowed size may be brought into FITTEAM Ballpark. Any umbrella that blocks sight lines or becomes a nuisance for any reason to other guests is not permitted. Guest Services representatives reserve the right to ask guests to lower their umbrellas for the enjoyment of all guests in attendance. 


Ushers are stationed throughout the seating area for the convenience of our guests. Our ushers are equipped and prepared to assist all guests with any questions or concerns before, during, and after the games/events.



FITTEAM Ballpark Video Board is located in Right-Center Field. For any special group and/or birthday announcements, please contact FITTEAM Ballpark Main Office 48 hours in advance.


Visiting team fans are our guests. Harassment of the visiting team or their fans will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from FITTEAM Ballpark.



FITTEAM Ballpark provides courtesy wheelchair service for guests with mobility issues. When a guest arrives at the gate and requests this service, a wheelchair will be dispatched and an attendant will take the fan to the seating area. At the conclusion of the game, the service is available to take guests to the exit. Please speak with a The Ballpark Guest Services representative for assistance. With a limited number of units available, wheelchairs cannot be rented or borrowed for sitting in while watching the game. The service is designed to escort guests on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event of a medical emergency requiring wheelchair service, please contact the nearest The Ballpark representative.


The Fan Will Call Windows are located upstairs in the primary Box Office next to the Main Gate. The Player Will Call Window is located at the downstairs Box Office. Will Call orders may be picked up any time the Box Office is open.


Workout and practice times are to be determined. When attending workout sessions, Astros fans can park in the Northwest Parking lot on the northwest side of the complex and Nationals fans can park in the South Parking lot on the south side of the complex. Except for the primary stadium which will only be open for games, the entire facility is open to fans to enjoy. Guests may park without charge on days during which only workouts are scheduled. On all game days, there is a $10 charge to park whether accessing the lot for the workouts or the game.

Guests are expected to demonstrate proper conduct while watching workouts. Guests must respect all directions coming from FITTEAM Ballpark Staff, Guest Services representatives, and Security Personnel.